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what is it about golf?

As I lay here unable to sleep, my mind cannot help but be drawn to golf. It cannot help but be consumed by golf. And so I write with a persistent question on my mind: what is it that is so captivating about the game?

Is it the sense of renewal that comes with every shot? The feeling of anticipation that arrives as the ball leaves the face? The loss of control that exists when the ball hangs against the blue sky? The chance of recovery that is given with every misstep? The emotional bliss that overwhelms after an executed shot?

Is it the camaraderie that comes from spirited competition? The variety that is created during a round with a stranger? The unforeseen friendships bonded over a 6,700 yard shared experience? The ever-changing challenge presented daily by a known course and your regular group?

Is it what we learn about ourselves in the process of a round? The insights we gain into the character of others? The things we uncover within through facing persistent adversity? The discovery of how to enjoy those fleeting moments of triumph?

Is it that one’s experience with golf teaches us that not all things are not meant to be perfected? That not all things are to be understood?

Is it that one’s experience with golf embodies life’s journeys, emotions, relationships, and lessons?

Whatever it is that makes golf so captivating, I’m thankful for every experience.


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