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a playground idea

I was flipping through a recently finished notebook today and stumbled across a sketch that had left my mind. I keep a Moleskine notebook as a place to record and sort through a playground of ideas as they occur. In this case, after another visit to Sweetens Cove Golf Club, I was inspired by the comparison of SCGC to a playground.

A playground of tees and greens. A "choose your own adventure" path, if you will. Numbers =Teeing Grounds; Letters = Greens.

The concept is simple, yet complex in the variety it offers the golfer. At each teeing ground you have 3 green options, each playing at a different distance. I first envisioned the 3 options as a one-shotter, two-shotter, and three-shotter. But that is not a requirement. Subsequent greens could be placed to have multiple one-shot, two-shot, or three-shot options from a particular teeing ground (especially if the grounds dictate it). Or, this concept could easily be adapted to a short course, in which you flow through a path in which each teeing ground has a short, mid, and longer one-shot option.

From a logistics standpoint, I imagine a most amenable piece of property is that which affords a loop or out-and-back design. Relatedly, a reversible design could be incorporated to maximize the variety of golf on the used lands. Regardless, it could be a creative way to get a lot of golf out of a little piece of land.


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